Smooth you porn amaters

Saturday Dec 4, 2010

you porno pulled into the parking you porno and entered. There was a decent crowd that youporn amateur  with plenty of females sitting at the youpornamateur frees. He walked over to the bar and ordered a beer as he stood watching the entertainment. The current karaoke singers were doing a mediocre version of a Neil Diamond song. Someone bumped into him and he turned around to notice that a cute young youpornamateur free was responsible. She was talking to her friends trying to figure out what you porno  they wanted to order. He glanced down and noticed that her tight jeans really made her ass look great. She turned to him.

“Sorry about that,” she said. “It’s my friend’s birthday and we youpornamateur here three hours ago.”

“No problem,” he said in a smooth tone of voice. “Let me buy your next you porno for you.”

She looked at him for a moment and he was thinking she would politely tell him to fuck off. To his surprise, she smiled at him and stuck her hand out.

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