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Tuesday Oct 5, 2010

Di  you porn amateur softly then cried on “p…please master, please…I beg you..l..let me suck your wonderful cock…l..let me you porno all the spunk you can give me…please Master..l..let me milk it dry and you porno every gorgeous drop” “Better” he said…”go on slut, what else?”

“Please Master…I…I want you to f…fuck my ass until I..I’ve deserved to be allowed to cum…….then w…when you think I’ve deserved it I…I want you to shove that wonderful huge cock up my…my” “Go on” he snapped brusquely.SC44046

“I …I want you to shove your huge cock up my undeserving slimy fuckhole of a youporn amateur  …..I want you to cum in me Sir…a..and if…if I please you Sir..may I be allowed to c..cum Sir” He looked at her scathingly then turned to me..”Get me ready to fuck your slut” He poited to the bathroom and guessing what he meant I went in and knelt in the shower tray opening my mouth to let him direct his hot stream. By the time I had showered and  youpornamateur into the room Di was sucking him energetically and he was close to youpornamateur chicks cumming. When he did he told her to hold it in her mouth and then made us kiss so I could taste it too.

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