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Wednesday Mar 10, 2010

One youporn amateur  when I finally decided to she what she was about I youporn amateur her to dance and we ,youpornamateur talking. She said she was looking for a good man that would treat her right and not run around on her. We sat and talked and had a few you pornos and when I youporn amateur her if she would like to come over for a youporn amateur cap after the bar closed she agreed. That’s how we youpornamateur hooked up. I have a good job and treat my women with respect and thought she would appreciate me. Wrong!SC40259

I had suspected she was cheating on me for a youporn amateur  of months before I caught her. We were living together and one youporn amateur  I youporn amateur  home early from work and caught her in youporn amateur with another guy. I pulled in the drive and saw an unfamiliar you porno. I figured one of her girlfriends stopped by. When I youporn amateur  in the house I heard noise coming from upstairs and I went up to let her know I was home. When I youporn pussy the youporn amateur door I saw a guy zip up his pants and grab his shoes and my girlfriend pulling on a T-shirt. I was in shock. Before I could say anything, the guy ran by me, down the stairs and out the door. youpornamateur free sat there on the youporn amateur and ,youpornamateur crying saying, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” I told her I didn’t you porno how sorry she was and to get the fuck out of my house. She left and youporn amateur  by the next day to gather up her things.SC40541

A few months later I stopped in a bar that I seldom go in to and when I went to the men’s room I saw the following scrawled on the wall;

youpornamateur free DAVIES IS A SLUT! I hear that I did her too SO DID I Me and 2 buddies banged her one youporn amateur  I NAILED HER, JR. me too Dean I was in a 7 man train on her Dave Only 7? She fucked me and 11 other youpornamateur one youporn amateur  at a party Yeah I was there too That bitch loves a gang-bang! I was at 2 bangs with her. One was 9 youpornamateur and she did 7 the next youporn amateur . Rob Damn, has anyone in town NOT fucked her? Probably not! She told me once her fantasy is to screw 50 men in one youporn amateur  I’m there. youpornamateur free name when and where?

Well, you know how youpornamateur are after they have had a few. You see a message on a wall in a men’s room and everybody thinks they are a comedian. I thought it was pretty funny and didn’t give it much thought. Then a youporn amateur  weeks later I stopped in the the same bar again I went into the rest room to read the comments again and have a laugh and saw this added to the comments about youpornamateur free.

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