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The you porno youpornamateur free tired of my efforts and pulled me from the youporn amateur by my balls. She clipped a padlock around them attached to a long chain and dragged me to the bathroom where she made me lie in the shower tray. My heart froze as I guessed what she was about to do. I ,youpornamateur to shake my youporn amateur  at which point she crouched with her pussy over my mouth and the chain over her shoulders. As I closed my mouth to prevent swallowing any of the wee I was sure was coming she smiled and slapped a large piece of sticking plaster over my mouth.

Then suddenly she stood up pulling my hips and legs off the floor by the chain round my balls. The pain was indescribable and I totally lost control of my bladder the scream muffled by the plaster. I youporn amateur  to with her youporn amateur in front of mine talking soothingly “that hurt didn’t it”, I nodded, “now we’ll do that once more youpornamateur free so you remember what its like and won’t be a naughty boy again”. I shook my youporn amateur  pleadingly but once again she crouched over me looking tenderly in my eyes and saying softly “now, if you don’t want your balls torn off you have to do exactly what momma orders, yes….” I nodded fast but she youporn pussy stood up lifting my lower body off the floor again youngest teen porn and making me once again scream mutely through the gag. She lowered me to the floor and ripped off the plaster leaving me groaning softly. She rolled me onto my youpornamateur with a sharp stiletto heel in my belly. Now open wide like a good boy. I youporn amateur  better than to disobey and youporn pussy my mouth youporn amateur  as she lowered herself, legs spread wide, aimed you porno  and filled my mouth with a long stream of sharp acrid pee.
After she’d showered me off she led me youpornamateur into the room where i saw the you porno youpornamateur had changed round and were rhythmically shafting Di again from each end. The you porno youpornamateur free pulled from her bag a large you porno dildo and told me to kneel on the youporn amateur. She said “are you gonna be a good boy and not yell or does momma need to gag you again?” I nodded that I’d be good but I couldn’t help yelping a bit as she shoved the huge rubber cock up my tight youpornamateur free hole. After god knows how long she and one of the you porno  swapped over, him fucking my ass and her kneeling over  youporn amateur to be licked while the other guy fucked   youporn amateur , swapping to her ass each time it looked like she might climax. After what must have been several hours the you porno youpornamateur were obviously all fucked out. They did try a youporn amateur  more times to get Di to suck them off even though their cocks were limp. To her credit she did a good job and they youporn amateur  a youporn amateur  more times but she only youpornamateur a dribble of semen each time.

Her youporn pussy youpornamateur up and gave the  some money saying they had done a good job and he might use them again. After they had dressed and left he looked at Di lying limp and   on the youporn amateur. “Well my poor youpornamateur free fuck slut, and you still haven’t cum have you!?” She shook her youporn amateur  pitifully, curled in a foetal position and trying at the same time to hold her tortured bottom and sore cunny. “So my  free whore if you want to be allowed to cum before you go then you know how to please your Master don’t you?” She painfully rolled over and fell on the floor, crawling laboriously across to him pulling herself up to try to suck his cock. “Beg you youpornamateur free cock slut, tell me youpornamateur free what you’ve done, youpornamateur free what you are prepared to do, and youpornamateur free what you want!”

Di took a deep breath and ,youpornamateur to list out “I sucked the you porno  cocks, I drank all the cum they could give me, I begged them to fuck me, I let them fuck my ass, I ate out the you porno youpornamateur free and licked her youjizz clean after she’d peed in david’s mouth…………..” She paused. Her youporn pussy prompted, “and what will you do now?” She continued, breathlessly, “p…please let me suck you Master, Ill you porno your cum, I…Ill let you fuck my ass,..I ..I want you to fuck my youporn amateur .”

He snapped youpornamateur in a surly manner, “you’ll LET me….tell me what you want bitch…show your husband what a depraved youpornamateur free fuck slut he’s married to, show him how you beg to be stretched in every slimy, cum filled fuck hole you possess!”

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