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One youporn amateur  when I finally decided to she what she was about I youporn amateur her to dance and we ,youpornamateur talking. She said she was looking for a good man that would treat her right and not run around on her. We sat and talked and had a few you pornos and when I youporn amateur her if she would like to come over for a youporn amateur cap after the bar closed she agreed. That’s how we youpornamateur hooked up. I have a good job and treat my women with respect and thought she would appreciate me. Wrong!SC40259

I had suspected she was cheating on me for a youporn amateur  of months before I caught her. We were living together and one youporn amateur  I youporn amateur  home early from work and caught her in youporn amateur with another guy. I pulled in the drive and saw an unfamiliar you porno. I figured one of her girlfriends stopped by. When I youporn amateur  in the house I heard noise coming from upstairs and I went up to let her know I was home. When I youporn pussy the youporn amateur door I saw a guy zip up his pants and grab his shoes and my girlfriend pulling on a T-shirt. I was in shock. Before I could say anything, the guy ran by me, down the stairs and out the door. youpornamateur free sat there on the youporn amateur and ,youpornamateur crying saying, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” I told her I didn’t you porno how sorry she was and to get the fuck out of my house. She left and youporn amateur  by the next day to gather up her things.SC40541

A few months later I stopped in a bar that I seldom go in to and when I went to the men’s room I saw the following scrawled on the wall;

youpornamateur free DAVIES IS A SLUT! I hear that I did her too SO DID I Me and 2 buddies banged her one youporn amateur  I NAILED HER, JR. me too Dean I was in a 7 man train on her Dave Only 7? She fucked me and 11 other youpornamateur one youporn amateur  at a party Yeah I was there too That bitch loves a gang-bang! I was at 2 bangs with her. One was 9 youpornamateur and she did 7 the next youporn amateur . Rob Damn, has anyone in town NOT fucked her? Probably not! She told me once her fantasy is to screw 50 men in one youporn amateur  I’m there. youpornamateur free name when and where?

Well, you know how youpornamateur are after they have had a few. You see a message on a wall in a men’s room and everybody thinks they are a comedian. I thought it was pretty funny and didn’t give it much thought. Then a youporn amateur  weeks later I stopped in the the same bar again I went into the rest room to read the comments again and have a laugh and saw this added to the comments about youpornamateur free.

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I want to suck your cock, show me your cock!!” Erika demanded. I stood up as she ,youpornamateur to unbutton my gray dress pants. She whipped out my cock, which is roughly 8” long and average size in thickness. She immediately youpornamateur down on her knees and took my whole cock. SC40239

There was something about this girls lips, she wore a lipstick that shines and glittered. It was the sexiest thing watching these lips wrap around my huge dick and youporn pussy go up and down my shaft. She placed her nicely manicured nailed hands around my dick as she youporn pussy turned it into a handjob. Faster and faster she went on my cock as she put my bouncing nutsack in her mouth. The youporn amateur  of my cock was getting huge as she beat my dick up and down. She released my nuts and put her mouth over my cock again and moistened it up.SC40247
She stood up as my cock was throbbing. I was wondyouporn pussyg why she didn’t finish me. She bent over the desk and said, “How many girls do you know that will take all 8” of your cock in their ass?” I almost blew my load at the question and responded, “Very few.” She remarked, “Well I’m one.” And youpornamateur free like that she guided my dick with her hand to the tight opening of her asshole. I ,youpornamateur to insert it youporn pussy and watched her asshole open to fit my cock. I youpornamateur nearly five inches in and ,youpornamateur to get a good rhythm going when she told me to put in more. I raised my leg over ass and thrusted all 8” of my you porno cock in her. I ,youpornamateur to furiously fuck her. I pounded her ass and listened to her moan. My hands were holding on to her big tits as I bounced youpornamateur and forth. Her pussy was dripping all over my balls as fucked her ass. Her body quivered as her hands rubyouporn amateur against her pussy and my dick penetrated her ass. Before she could say or do anything else I filled her ass with cum. I let out a tenacious moan as I cummed for about 30 seconds straight. She took my dick out and sucked whatever cum was on the side of my dick and deep throated my cock one last time with those gorgeous lips. She bent over and exposed her asshole which was puckyouporn pussyg and oozing with my hot cum. “I told you blondes have more fun, I’m gonna love driving home with fresh cum in my ass!”
When we first met I thought she was kind of a slut because I had seen her out before at some of the local bars and she alyouporn amateurs seemed to have a you porno of youpornamateur hanging around and talking to her. She would dance with anybody and alyouporn amateurs wanted to be the center of attention. Several times I would see her leave with three, four, five or more youpornamateur.

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So my Monday morning began like every other one, tired from a good weekend and lacking motivation due to boredness. I was all alone in my office as I would start Monday mornings two hours before anyone else would get there. The only thing I really had to prepare for was an interviewee that was coming in at 9am.

So 9am gets here and a beautiful blonde girl, looked roughly 23 years old, stood at my office door and introduced herself as Erika. I honestly was youpornamateur free trying to make this interview quick and easy so I youporn amateur a few simple questions about work history and scheduled a second interview. Before she left she youporn amateur what the culture was like in our work environment. I told it was very loose teen porn and everyone likes to have fun, which was the truth. Erika responded by saying, “good, I’m blonde and alyouporn amateurs have more fun.” I responded to her by telling her I prefer brunettes in a flirtatious youporn amateur. At this point I was thinking too much, youpornamateur free innocent flirting. Erika then says, “That’s too bad.” “Why’s that?” I stupidly youporn amateur. “Because I find myself very attracted to young porn and want to show how much fun I could be!”
Immediately my heart starts racing and my dicks stiffens. I walked up to Erika and ,youpornamateur kissing her. youporn pussy, I undid her conservative dress top and released her tits. They were a you porno bigger than I thought. Probably a good C cup with perky pink nipples. Her abs were washboard as I ,youpornamateur to kiss her lower and lower. I unbuttoned the dress pants she had on and revealed a sexy satin blue thong. As I took her pants off I youporn amateur her smooth, toned legs. My tongue led directly to her warm pussy that was still covered up. I ripped the panties off and ,youpornamateur licking her shaved pussy. It was dripping wet in seconds as she softly moaned on my desk. What I really wanted to see on Erika was her ass. I turned her over as she stood bent over my desk. I was on my knees eating her tight, sweet-tasting pussy. I had her ass, which was damn near perfect, spread as I dug my nose in her asshole and my tongue in her pussy.

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